Skims Loungewear Review

The secret is out. Yes. I’m a Kardashian fan.. Like from the beginning. I’m talking before Kanye showed up, when Caitlyn was Bruce, when Rob was hot, and Kylie had her original lips. I’ve been watching. 


I managed to not contribute to the empire for a while… and then it happened…. Skims crept into my inbox when the pandemic started. I don’t know what happened, but I couldn’t resist. I finally caved in, and I tried out the the lounge attire. Specifically, the Soft Copper Lounge Tank and the Soft Copper Lounge Leggings.

It’s beyond soft and beyond comfortable and perfect if you love a matching set and want to be cute hanging around the house. This set also has a matching robe if you really want to complete the ensemble.

I don’t know how Kim K does it, but the girl knows fashion and knows how to appeal to our needs. The flesh tones just reel me in every single time. I love how you can search for a specific color, and every single item she makes in that color, will pop up.

The website is super easy to navigate. I wandered through the lounge attire options and I loved that she made sure to be inclusive of a wide variety of sizes. I’m talking XS to 4X. That’s pretty inclusive. Even better, with the models she chose, she made sure that you could see how each clothing item fits the different body types. No more wondering how a tank fits on a size small vs a size extra large.

Guess what’s even better: verified buyer reviews. Many of the people that purchase come back and leave reviews on their purchase. So if you’re wondering if it runs big, small, good quality, etc, all the verified buyers leave it in the comments section for each garment. It’s super when you’re trying to see how the clothes run when you receive them in the mail.

She does provide  measurements for the sizes, but for me, I like to see how clothing fits other women with my body type so I can decide how that would work for me. Her plethora of neutral colors is really what peaked my interest to explore everything. Not to mention, she wears it all on the show, so she’s so smart with being her own marketing ad. 

Shipping is normally about 4-5 business days, but there’s no option to expedite at this point… so you’ll have to wait patiently for your loungewear to come in.

About 2 weeks after your purchase, you’ll get an email requesting for a review of how you are enjoying your product. Clearly… I left my two cents.

All in all, I really like all the lounge sets and so many more of her products. Don’t worry, more reviews to come on those too! Let me know if you have any questions on the products… there’s a good chance I might have it already. 

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