3 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Approached

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You’re pretty. You’re smart. You’re charming. You have an amazing fashion sense, so why aren’t men approaching you?

We’ve all been there. I’ve asked myself this question numerous times. Then I started think of different encounters I’ve had and it all started to make sense. 

3 Reasons why men may not be approaching you:

Your RBF is too fierce. 

What’s an RBF? An RBF is your Resting Bitch Face. It’s the face you make when you’re relaxed, deep in thought, and probably minding your own business not thinking about what your face looks like to other people.

Here’s a better example, it’s the face you make when a random man decides to come up to you and says, “smile queen, you’re too pretty to be looking so mean.” *insert eye roll*

In my opinion, men are scared of rejection. They need to know you’re not going to be snippy if they approach you. Adjusting your fierce RBF could make you a bit more approachable if you’re a little more cognizant. Once I figured this one out, I just started smiling for no reason. Weird… but it works.

You don’t pay attention

You’re on your phone not paying attention to your surroundings. 

You’re not noticing the cute guy that’s trying to make eye contact with you so he can know if that’s his signal to approach you OR… you are engaging in a conversation with a man and you’re not picking up his vibes that he’s flirting with you and you shut yourself off to get asked out on a date.

Sometimes they’re just being nice engaging in conversation with a beautiful woman and other times, men are trying to see if they have the green light to speak to you and make their move.

Too many women around you

Back in my party girl days, this was tough. I always had a squad of girlfriends around me. Now what man in his sane mind would approach a woman in front of 5 of her girlfriends not knowing what the outcome would be? Is she nice? Is she snippy? Will she embarrass me? Only an extra confident man would take that risk.

So what do you do if you see a guy out that you want to approach you, but, you’re with a fleet of your girlfriends? Figure out a way to break away from the group so he has a chance to to speak to you without all your friends watching to see if he’s lame or not.  I’m sure your girlfriends would encourage your boldness to meet a new guy. 

All of these things have literally applied to me and I have made the adjustments accordingly. The RBF was a tough one to crack and definitely resurfaces on occasion, but hey…. I can only do so much. 

Have you been cognizant of any of these things? What reasons can you suggest for men not wanting to approach women?

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