5 Reasons Why Your Date Went Wrong

Clearly. I’ve been on plenty a date. 


Some went well and some went just God awful wrong. 

Worst date ever… when my date went on for 30 minutes about his ex wife, her infidelity, and their fertility issues. I wanted to run out of that restaurant and never look back.

Here’s 5 reasons why your date probably went wrong

They were on their phone- the whole time

Absolute turn off. It’s one thing to have to tend to an emergency, it’s different when you can’t even separate from social media for a hour and silence your phone. Just rude. 

One guy I went on a date, I felt like he literally only put the phone down to pay the bill. Other than that, he was on facebook the entire time. 

Poor Conversation

Here’s how conversation goes. I talk. You listen. I ask you a question and you respond. Then your turn. You talk. I listen. You ask me a question. I respond. And then that keeps happening. If you’re not being engaged in a conversation, and you’re just looking at each other, that can kill a whole vibe.

One date just would barely talk. Way too much awkward silence. I can only carry the conversation so long. 

Poor attire. Dress the part.

I’m not saying show up in a tuxedo or an evening gown, but don’t look like you’re about to go paint the fence in your backyard. Dress accordingly to whatever date you’re going. Take pride in your appearance.

 I have literally been on a date with a guy that looked like he just rolled out of bed. 

You talk about yourself the entire time. 

it’s ok to share who you are. But not when take over the conversation the entire date. 

One date I barely spoke. He was nice to look at though. Too bad that was the extent of it. 

You ramble on about your ex… for too long. 

It’ s one thing to briefly explain what happened in your past relationship(s).. It’s different when you tell every single detail about it. See my above dating tragedy. 

On your next date… I hope these 5 things are remembered. Speaking for myself, i know when I am made aware of specific things, I make it a point to be cognizant so I won’t do any of those things.

Did I miss any other reasons why a date could have went terribly wrong? Please let me know in the comments.

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