5 Reasons I Stopped Dating A Guy

Let me be honest. This dating life can be tough, so I tend to chuckle when I hear my married girlfriends complain about their husbands. Oh you’re mad he smacks when he eats because he likes your food so much? Oh you’re mad because he wants to spend time with you? 

What a sad life you have over there! I’ll trade that any day for these dudes that I’ve had to get rid of!

I get asked often, what characteristics makes you stop dating a guy?

5 Reasons I’ve Stopped Dating a Guy


They’re all in at first. He goes hard on planning the dates and communicating on the phone, via text etc. you’re on top of it with the quality time. You’re giving back the same energy he’s giving you. Then boom. A switch goes off and they’re like wait a minute… seeing each other more than once a month?

Let’s rethink this one! Yeah… no…


Ever met someone that is just not pleasant to be around. A little annoying but doesn’t realize it because it’s just their personality. Yeah… that. Can’t do it. 


I’ve dated this kind one too many times. One time it just felt like it was because he was the baby of the family and always always ALWAYS got his way. Like screw you and what you want, it’s my way or I don’t want to do it at all. At first I thought I was crazy and it was a once in a while thing…then I realized- this is a GROWN MAN behaving this way EVERYDAY. Not going to be able to do that one either. 


This one is the one that hurts most. You know he’s a great person. You know he’s super sweet but the things you enjoy are just different. What I consider fun and what they may  consider fun is 2 completely different things…Like staying in the house too often to read a book instead of going to dinner different.

Sad… but it wouldn’t work.


This one is the one that is the most irritating. They pretend to be on the same page as you. They act like they want same things as you but in reality… they don’t. Sad part is, they tend to be extra charming so you can’t always catch on to the characteristic and there’s a good chance they’re selfish so they like to keep you around for their own selfish reasons instead letting yo flourish elsewhere. Ha! Good luck avoiding and dismissing this kind..

Have you ever encountered any of these types? What’s another one I may need to add to the list?

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