Questions I asked before I started Therapy

I took a social media break for the entire month of October and amazingly enough, it wasn’t hard to give up. I thought I was going to have a serious case of FOMO, but I actually didn’t. Once my hands got used to not going directly to Instagram, it was great and I reflected on many things. One being, it may be time to check out therapy for my mental health. A bunch of things were happening and it really started to make me things.

 So how’d I come to the conclusion I wanted to talk to someone about everything?


Why am I feeling so obsessive about some things?

Why do I not feel like I’m functioning at 100?

Why do I feel like my fuse is so short?

Why am I having such a hard time processing a bunch of things?

Why can’t I let some of this stuff go?

Why are these things effecting me this way?

Why do I feel like I’m stuck and I can’t get out of this funk?

Why do I feel  overwhelmed?

What really sent me into a, hey now.. I might need some help… I noticed repeated patterns of different behaviors with myself.

Initially I spoke to a couple family members and friends, but you know… your friends and family are normally supportive and encouraging so I felt like I needed an unbiased opinion. 

Then I thought… uh.. Yeah… Noella.. You may want to talk to someone 

So I decided  check out Therapy for Black Girls. It was super easy to research available therapists and find someone in my area. I got a consultation and really liked how it went  and thought hey… I should go ahead and try this out. So far, so good.

And don’t worry guys… there’s a whole site for you too! Therapy for Black Men! 

Have you checked out therapy before? How’d it work out for you?


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