5 Tips on Choosing a Photoshoot Location


Blogging and influencing looks like all you do is go around and take pictures. I wish it was that simple. One of the challenging parts is actually scouting locations for the photo shoot. 

There’s a few factors to keep in mind when actually determining what’s a good location for a photo shoot. 

 5 things to remember when looking for locations for a photo shoot:

  1. StyleWhat’s the look you’re going for? What’s your outfit look like? Does the location match the style you’re wanting?
  2. Natural light

How much natural light are you actually getting at the location? Before I was made aware, I thought the middle of the day and the brightest sun possible was perfect for a photoshoot. Ha! Wrong. That’s the wrong time. Ideally, you actually want an overcast day with little sun. Why little sun? Because you don’t want shadows messing up your shot. Who wants to pay extra to photo shop out all those shadows to you can see your outfit and your face better? Also, middle of the day? In summer? Can we say, FAIL? Who wants to sweat all their make up off they spent an hour applying?

This is why downtown locations work well many times.If you ever do an early morning shoot in a downtown,  you’ll probably see lots of photographers out with their clients trying to get shots in. The building tend to block the sun and gives you good shots in the shade. 

3. Variety

How many different shots can you get at the location you chose? If you’re spending money on hair, make up, and a photographer, you don’t want one shot in one location with lots of poses. You’ll want multiple poses in multiple locations so you can have variety. Before my photoshoots, I like to walk around the area I know I’m going to shoot in and write out where I want my photographer to shoot me. The more options the better. 

4. Access

How easy is it to get to the location? Is it public, like a park? Is it private, like a hotel, where you might need permission to take professional photos in some areas? Is there a fee? For example, the Dallas Arboretum, there’s a fee to park and a fee to enter. Sometimes, if you don’t purchase your tickets ahead of time, they only let in members. These are things to keep in mind, prior to booking. It would be terrible to prep for your photoshoot, only to be denied entry on arrival. 

5. People in background

How busy is the location? How likely is it that you’ll have people in the background of your shots (that you may need to photoshop out)? Do you need to bring a friend or two so they can stop people from walking into your shot?

If you’re planning your photoshoot, I hope these tips help. Let me know if you have any questions how to choose locations. I normally find pretty fun places to shoot!

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