7 Cocktail Lounges to Visit in Dallas

It’s Friday night and you’re trying to get out the house for a little bit. The bar at your fave restaurant is crowded so what do you do now?

You hit up a cocktail lounge. 

Here’s why I like about cocktail lounges: they don’t give off the over crowded extra clubby vibes where you’re standing around waiting to get a drink while getting bumped into  by a stranger that can’t hold their liquor. Instead, you can normally snag a seat for free for you and your friends, a server will come to your area and bring you your drink so you don’t have to keep going to the bar, and you can actually hold a conversation with your friends and hear them.


Located in Bishop Arts, the ambience is to die for giving off living room vibes and chandeliers. 


Located in the Joule Hotel, it’s located underground at the hotel. Here’s a tip, make a reservation so you can get a seat asap.


Located on the backside of Henry’s Majestic, entry into the cocktail lounge is literally in the alley making me feel like I’m entering a legit speakeasy.


Located in Deep Ellum right next to Harlowe MXM, the cocktail menu changes so you’re always in for a treat.


Located in the Statler Hotel, it’s another underground lounge you need to remember. Here’s a fun fact, there’s a phone booth located right outside the lounge. You have to go into the phone booth, pick up the receiver, and give the pass word to come in. The surprise… a door pops open. Pretty cool huh?


Located right in the middle of uptown, it’s an intimate craft cocktail lounge you won’t forget. Why? Anytime it rains, they have happy hour pricing all day long! Who would want to miss that?


Also located in uptown, extra swanky craft  cocktail lounge with a dress code. When you go, make sure you request for the Mad Hatter cocktail. While the cocktail itself is very good, the presentation for making it is even better

Have you checked out any of these lounges yet? What’d you thing? Is there anything I should Add to the list?

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