5 Tips on Doing a Remote Photoshoot

Loveeee a professional photoshoot. Once you start doing them, it’s hard to go back shooting with your cell phone.

I started to like doing photo shoots in other cities when I was going on girls trips with my friends. We liked doing the photoshoots


How do you find a good photographer that you like, but you’ve never met?

There’s always websites like Shoot my Travel and Flytographer that lets you search by city, country, and price. These are great when you really don’t have time to research. These work really well because they probably shoot often in the same places and can get some touristy type photos with super cool backgrounds. Not to mention, it’s it’s extra convenient when you’re going to another country and need to book something quick.

If you’re looking to do a little more research, Instagram will be your better option. 

I’ve had great luck searching by hashtags for influencers, bloggers, and influencers in the city I’m going to. When I was looking for photographers in Las Vegas, I looked up these hashtags:





Searching with this hashtag, I was able to see lots of Las Vegas photography. It was easy to locate photography I liked because I was looking for a specific aesthetic. When I found a photo, blogger, or influencer,  I liked, I’d look to see if they tagged their photographer. After that, I just reached out to the photographer and asked about their rates, availability etc.



Once you find a photographer with the rates you want, I would highly suggest choosing your shoot day at least 2 days after your arrival. Is it an indoor shoot? Outdoor shoot? Both? Here’s why, you have a couple days to scout where you want to shoot if you don’t already know and you don’t have to put pressure on yourself to figure that out. If you try to shoot too quickly from you, you may undercut yourself on all the locations you could be shooting. Keep in mind, time of day matters. Depending on where you’re going, if it’s super hot, shooting first thing in the morning may be better due to heat, shadows, etc.


This is dependent on you. Where do you want to shoot? What kind of photos are you looking for? Is it unique to the place that you’re traveling to? Does i have good lighting? Will it have too much light?


What are you going to wear? Does it go with this location you decided on? This is is why scouting your location is super important. Depending on your location, choosing super dramatic outfits might bring your photos all the way to life!


Based on your location and your outfits, figure out what poses would set your photos off the want you want them to.

Have you booked a remote photoshoot before? How did you find your photographer and location?

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