Dallas Patio Brunch Guide

No Surprise here. I love a good brunch. It’s something about the combination of breakfast and lunch on a patio that just sells me. Adding a nice cold mimosa to the mix just makes me happy on the problem. Pretty sure my problem is, every time it’s pretty outside, I just want to sit on a patio and enjoy the atmosphere and all the cocktails. So where are you supposed to do that in Dallas?



It’s Greek food, but here’s why you’ll love it… it’s a $35 flat fee for all the food and mimosas you can drink from 12pm to 3pm.

North Italia

The ambiance sells me… or maybe it’s the Glazed Italian Donut French Toast.

Chelsea’s Corner

Who doesn’t love an a comfy outdoor lounge and cheap bottles?


Super country chic with the food to match

Ida Claire

Very southern and you might need a nap after. Super cute homey patio., but you can also dine in an airstream if you can snag the reservation.

Sundown at Granada

My favorite thing to do is sit on the rooftop patio for brunch and over look Greenville Ave.

The Rustic

Huge outdoor space with picnic tables for you to indulge in all the shareable cocktails with your friends.

Dahlia on Ross

Formerly sports bar, you’d never know it with the the free flow inside outside vive and the giant floral chandelier.


Good home cooking as the freshly made buttermilk biscuits tastes like someone’s grandmother made it from scratch in the kitchen.

Primo’s MX Kitchen

The Mexican food spot that will not ever disappoint me with their chorizo enchiladas.

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