Spots to Check out on Greenville Avenue

If you’re new here, you may not know Greenville Avenue has lots of shops, bars and dining. if you live here, you’ll know.. Greenville Avenue has all the spots! Pretty good if you’re looking to just walk up and up down the street for a leisurely Saturday, right? Not sure on what it entails, check out these spots next time you’re on Greenville Avenue. 

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10 places you should check out on Greenville Avenue


A restaurant with a patio that serves Nashville hot chicken and is heavy handed when pouring the drinks.

HG Supply

It’s a restaurant that also has great craft cocktails and beers. Did I mention the giant shaded patio on the roof? Can’t forget that part.


Caught on fire on 2010, got rebuilt, and is still an Italian food fave! Another great patio you can dine on for dinner.


I call this my secret spot because I feel like this wine bar is a hidden gem! They have wines on tap and of course charcuterie boards!

Lala Land

When you first notice it, it’s going to look like you’re pulling up to someone’s house, but it’s really a coffee shop! The yellow accents sold me! There’s a chain of these coffee shops all over town so don’t feel pressed just to go to this location. You can enjoy any of them.

Truck Yard

It’s a whole complex with food trucks! You may not see the same ones twice since the space can only hold so many, but that’s the fun in it! You never know what what you’re going to get. Family friendly and dog friendly! Best part of all, they have live bands and that have a treehouse you can dine in!

Steele City Pops

I didn’t know what craft popsicles were until I found this place. Flavors like Cookie pops, Avocado, and Strawberry Lemonade. Enough said.

Sundown at the Granada

No one wants to dine inside when you see the double level patio they have here!

Libertine Bar

It’s a gastropub that stays open late. My vote is always to pregame here before you get your evening started.

Alamo Club

Another good bar to hit up, but guess what? They serve brunch and dinner. Here’s a secret, they have a cocktail called the the Dak #4!

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