5 Apps for Content Creation

When I started my content creation life, I had no idea what tools I needed to get started

I just started downloading the most random apps I thought that might be helpful. Several costed money and required a subscription.  After countless hours of research, I  figured  out what works for me and the best part is, they all have a FREE option. 



Trello is a list making application. If you’re a list making person like myself, you can keep all your random lists organized by category and/or theme. If you’re working with a team, you can share it with several people so that have access to viewing and adding to the list too. Here’s the icing on the cake-  you can download it for free on your phone and your desktop, just by creating an account. So if inspiration springs up inside of you while you’re out on the go, you can update your list on your phone and the desktop version will be updated with your ideas as well.  Pretty awesome, right?


InShot is video editing software. I use this daily on my phone since I’m pretty much always shooting some kind of video content. Don’t worry, if you’re a novice in learning video editing, this is super easy to figure out. You can create slow motion video, add in transitions, filters, and whatever else you can think of to create the video content you want. 


Mojo is an app with several templates to create eye catching stories. If you want to spice up the stories you’re creating on Instagram, you’ll love this!


Canva is a graphic design platform. If you’re creative all by yourself and you don’t want to hire someone to create your graphic art, this will be your favorite tool. You can make just about anything you can think of on here from posters, to presentation, to social media art. I use it daily.


Later is a social media scheduling platform. If you have accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Linked In, Pinterest, or Instagram, this app will save you the headache and anxiety of having to post live daily! I use it daily for all my content and I’m obsessed. 

Have you tried out any of these apps before? What’d you think? Let me know in the comment below!

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