Dallas Hot Spot: The Exchange Food Hall

If you’re anything like me, you probably like to try lots of different things… maybe even at the same time. This is how I came up with my concept called, “Progressive Dinners.” Think bar hopping, but instead you’re trying out different  restaurants. You try an appetizer here or share a main course with your friends and then you go to the next spot. What’s a great place for this?

The Exchange Food Hall at AT&T Plaza.

2 levels, 2 bars, and 16 different options of food to choose from!

The 2nd floor has 3 restaurants and you can actually make a reservation.

Regardless of your taste buds, I’m pretty confident one of the 16 eateries available will peak your interest. 

Where do I like go when I’m there?

The Second Floor. (It’s literally called the second floor!)

2 chefs. 2 kitchens. 1 experience. I like to sit on their second floor patio, enjoy a good cocktail, and people watch. They have the best view.

Here’s a bonus fact:  it’s family friendly! Since the first floor is relative to a food court, you can go in and order what you want and bring it right back outside so your kids can do what they do best on the front lawn.

If you end up trying out a progressive dinner, let me know your thoughts! Here’s the trick: this only works in groups of 4 or less. The restaurants have to be in walking distance of each other. In a large group, it’s harder to find seating. Lastly,  If the restaurants you’re going  to aren’t in walking distance,  you risk the potential of saying forget this, going through a drive through, and eating chicken nuggets in bed watching Forensic Files. 

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